Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Introducing Elmer (ish)!!!!

My littlest girl spent the night being sick so I had to cancel my mindees today. Although we're both tired, we've had a lovely day at home together just the three of us. I had wondered what we'd do but after we played this Elmer colours bingo (see it on the middle shelf of the book cart behind Faith!) it just flowed that we made this paper Elmer from scrunched up newspaper and paper packing tape that needs to be wetted on one side to activate the glue. It isn't going to be as durable as paper mache but it's less messy and faster. He is getting plenty of love already and he isn't even painted yet (that's on tomorrow's flight plan!). Just a note about the bingo game....... it comes with the colours written in words to match to the colours but I printed out extra sheets of the cards and cut the colours out to match colours to colours for my non-readers. I made this last night for one of my little mindees who is really into matching games at the moment..... she can try it out on Monday!!

We don't actually have any Elmer books...... I think a library trip tomorrow is in order!