Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Here's Rose!!

Well..... five and a half weeks later, here are some pictures of our beautiful baby girl...... she was born in the night like her big brother and she weighed 8lb 6oz. We've called her Rose..... Dewi brought me a tiny red rose bud from my favourite rose bush in our garden and gave it to me, and that evening when we were alone together and had time to talk about her name, we realised that we had both been thinking of Rose for just that reason, so Rose it is!
Here, Rose is about 3 1/2 hours old, meeting her brother and sisters for the first time and having a cuddle with them all!
Idris is very taken with his baby sister - I thought he might be a little bit jealous as he has always been very attached to us, but his attachment is obviously secure enough that there is room for another without a worry! People say that toddlers regress when a baby sibling is born but after five days Idris decided that nappies were old news and he wasn't wearing them anymore! What a star!
This is Rose snuggling on my dad when she was a few weeks old... she really loves her cuddles and likes to be held for most of the day but she sleeps really well at night..... what's that all about? I kept waiting for reality to kick in and for her to be wakeful in the night like the last two babies have been but no.....this girl likes her sleep, for which I am truly grateful as like most people, I function better on better sleep!!
Idris loves to snuggle with her and so do her sisters and it's a real help having willing arms to snuggle her when things need doing, although I can't leave Idris to snuggle as he will drop her in a moment to do something else!!
Rose lurrrves a warm bath.... preferably with me but as a bath for me is a rare occurence round here at the moment, she gets dunked in with Idris instead!
We've had a sad time this last few weeks with the sudden loss of Dewi's uncle and his grandmother a few days after. We spent time with dewi's family preparing for the funeral and Rose came into her own for giving comforting snuggles to anyone who needed them.... and there were lots who needed so she had lots of snuggles! Here she is with Dewi's Mam the day after the funeral (it was her Mam that passed away).

So Rose is 5 weeks old already and as I sat feeding her yesterday, saw that her toes were pushing into the ends of even her biggest sleepsuit, so we got out some bigger clothes yesterday, and to my surprise, they didn't drown her! She's very slim, but long like the others..... and her little hands and feet are soooo delicate and slender. Idris had big spades for hands and hobbit feet even as a little baby but Rose is delicate and slender! I love how they are all so different even as tiny little new borns! We get lots of lovely smiles from Rose now, she really is a sweetheart and I forgive her my messy house, pasta-heavy menus, and lack of brain power!