Thursday, 2 September 2010

Bows and Arrows.........

I was unwell last week and whilst sleeping it off, Daddy made bows and arrows for the girls.  He was a bit sheepish about it as he thought that I would disapprove but quite the reverse in fact!!

I thoroughly APPROVE!!

There are certain things in childhood that are rites of passage like camping for instance, playing on the beach, making camp fires, climbing trees.  I consider home made bows and arrows to be part of this essential kit list, along with catapults and pen knives.... I think that they encourage children to be responsible, to assess risk, but at the same time to experience the thrill of a powerful force and the excitement of just a little twinge of danger.  They were issued with ground rules along the lines of 'no pointing them at eachother', 'no using them when the childminding children are here'........ and the best bit about them? Daddy made them!

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