Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I had this message today from the Mum of one of the little ones that I care for:
"I've just been given a gallette des rois that you have at the beginning of jan for the three kings/wise men... I thought the girls would like. It is like a cake and whoever gets the little model in their slice is the "king"..."
We shared the cake for afternoon snack.... the explanation continues with whoever gets the little model crown is the King and they present the cardboard crown included in the bag to their Queen.... of course I made sure that the crown was in my slice and of course all four girls are special so all of them took turns to be my Queen.... here is Faith proudly taking her turn!! the Mum that brought the cake speaks fluent French and works for a multinational company as PA to the Chief Executive, who is French, and she has often shared French customs with us to enrich our days together.... she even nipped out of work to bring us the cake!

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