Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Am I Making Myself Too Busy?

I am writing this with one hand, Idris is feeding and I have a porridge spoon in the other hand....... erm, yes, quite probably I am 'doing too much'. Or more accurately I am trying to, and failing, then feeling bad for not doing those things!!

Two friends, and my husband have suggested that I might be trying to do this in the last week, and I think my mum permanently thinks that I try to take too much on!!

The thing is, that I have so many great ideas..... life just gets in the way of doing them all! So some I am pushing on with, regardless, and some I am shelving!

I have another sore throat and Idris is snuffly and has gone back to feeding very regularly in the night, so I have less sleep which I find hard! He also has thrush (again) which I haven't managed to clear up since I had to have strong antibiotics for a breast abscess when he was 2 weeks old. It is really frustrating me and must be horrible for my sweet boy. I am back to the doctors this afternoon with a stroppy attitude and a leaflet from the BFN which will hopefully get me listened to this time and get it treated effectively!!

We are also in the midst of our 'seasonal shift' which for us, means that the girls shift to spending less time in the garden playing, and more time indoors. It takes them time to adjust and we have bickering and grumps whilst it happens. It is loud and wearing and whilst I know I need to be more pro-active in getting them outdoors and busy, I don't have the energy....... energy which is sapped even more by the very loud and grumpy behaviours..... hmmmmm...... spot the vicious cycle anyone??!! I know it will all pass but I'm not enjoying it!!

I am only writing this because Dewi has taken the girls out for breakfast and peace reigns supreme! Time to sign off and go prioritise my to-do list now!

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