Monday, 19 March 2012

A Saint Patrick's Day Muffin Tin Dinner!

I have seen MTD's or 'Muffin Tin Dinners' around for a while on other blogs but have only recently organised myself to do some!! They are better done in a silicone bake tray with six muffin compartments but I don't have those! I looked for them but you know it is when you actually want something - you never see it and when you don't want it you see loads!!!! Anyhow I used silicone muffin cases in a pie dish instead and it worked just fine!!

So from the left we have broad beans, cucumber and celery, then kiwi and grapes, the tricolour pasta (Irish flag pasta for the purposes of St. Patrick's Day!!), guacamole with a pepper rainbow and cheese cubes as the gold at the end of the rainbow, green jelly and in the centre there are apple and courgette muffins decorated with a skittles rainbow and gold balls! I had a blast doing this - it's such fun and adds a lovely element of anticipation to lunch time! The little girl I child mind ate it all and she's not very keen on new foods! Result!

Here is the Valentines MTD I made in February too!
These had , from the bottom left and going clockwise, heart shaped cheese scones (thanks Mum!), tomatoes, red jelly with berries, smoked cheese hearts with bacon bits, pretzels and pepper sticks.

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