Monday, 4 June 2012

Accordian Book Photo Albums

 We just came home from our holiday in Lyme Regis - a fabulous week playing on the beach and the girls have many happy memories. I promised them we would print out some pictures for them to have but I couldn't think of a good way for them to display them. I was browsing around the blogs I follow when I got home and came across an e-zine called Alphabet Glue and there was an idea about making travel books using this accordion technique. How perfect for little photo albums I thought - and here they are!!
 We used some pretty scrapbooking paper for the covers and the zig zag, and plain coloured card for the pages....
 Eve spent a long time concentrating at the laptop writing captions for her photographs. When she began to get frustrated I sat with her and introduced her to the idea of funny little captions instead of tedious long sentences for her to write. For example, instead of The waves were big and washed our castle away, we wrote 'Tidal Wave!'. Eve enjoyed writing the punchy captions more and I'll wait and see if the idea translates into other things she writes!
Faith made some wax rubbings of the ammonite biscuits that she found on the beach and added them to her album - we still need to write her captions but the children's Grandparents arrived before we could do it!

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