Sunday, 8 July 2012

Olympic Activities

 Knowing that we were seeing the torch relay, I planned an Olympic Activity morning for a few child Minders that I know and we all got together for some fun. We made Olympic ring paintings with plastic cups and plates of paint.......

......followed by Olympic medals with salt dough and cookie cutters and baked them. I have gold, silver and bronze paints ready to go for next week to paint them and then we can put ribbons on them and wear them!

 I was interested watching this little one who quietly worked away practising making them long after the others had drifted away! She doesn't follow verbal instructions for making things very well and struggled until shown how, then she was off and away!

I had baked a batch of little 'O' biscuits that morning (tweaked from an idea on activity village) and we iced them in the Olympic colours, then sat down and ate them whilst I read 'Peggy the Much Wenlock Piglet' to them to explain how the modern Olympic games came about. It was a great fun morning and a good start to the other activities that I have planned.

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