Wednesday, 5 December 2012

More picture problems with picasa

Just a quick note to say that I am having yet more problems with Picasa and it now appears that all photographs uploaded before the 19th November can no longer be seen, I'm struggling to sort it out as I'm not tech savvie and Picasa are really hard to get hold of! Bear with me and I'll try to sort it - someone has suggested that I jump ship to wordpress instead...... hmmmm, watch this space!

Edited to add that I have fixed the problem by laboriously copying and pasting all of the missing photos into a different Picasa album, and they now appear to be back again on the blog - hurray!!!!

There are still a few missing and I cannot find them even on Picasa so as it is only a couple of posts I will go back through my files and re-add the photos one evening this week for your viewing pleasure!!

I investigated the 'moving to wordpress' suggestion and it looks like far too much hard work to even consider it - I like comfy old slippers not new ones that rub so I'm staying!

Thanks for your patience everyone!

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