Sunday, 10 February 2013

Goals for 2013

It may seem a little late to be posting about a New Year topic in February, but instead of one New Year's resolution this year, I wrote a list of goals for the year that I would like to achieve. Some are bigger and some are smaller, but all have featured in my to-do lists for a long time! I went to a life coaching conference last October and learned some really interesting techniques for self motivation and achieving goals. One of them was to 'put them out there', that some how you are more accountable and more likely to work towards them and complete them if you make them public. Public could be the back of an envelope under a magnet on the fridge door, or it could be blogging but here are mine, and here goes nothin'.........
  • get the house organised once and for all and maintain it (I'm SO close!)
  • good momentum with home education
  • build friendships
  • Make time for my marriage
  • change car to a more eco friendly one
  • get Idris to sleep better
  • Blog more - be less afraid of what others think
  • finish rag rug
  • make quiet time dolls for the girls
  • get to grips with technology
  • bake every week
  • give more of my undivided attention to the children
  • pension!
  • home ed co-operatives
  • crochet
I listed them exactly as I wrote them in my notebook. Looking back I am interested to note that the only two things that I listed beginning with a capital letter were my marriage and blogging..... significant? There is lots more I could say of course about each of these, why it is important to me, why it is on this list as opposed to remianing on one of my other lists (insert wry smile here, I have lots of lists!) but I will leave it there. Looking at it again, I can see one that is very unlikely to happen as we have changed our minds about the wisdom of it, and a couple that are in progress already, so perhaps I will have achieved them all by the end of the year!!

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