Sunday, 2 June 2013

Well Hellooooooo Nesting Instinct!

I find it incredible how, when I committed last week to finishing certain things off before the end of the month, just the setting of a deadline has spurred me on towards getting my priority projects completed! The children's bedrooms are decorated finally, after doing a creative jigsaw effort with Faith's wallpaper to avoid buying a third roll just to finish off around the doorway!

Idris's room is a blank canvas ready to be settled into. He seems very keen on the idea of a bed like his sisters have...... I'm not sure how I feel about him moving out of our room but we need the cot space for the baby this Summer so if he's ready to move on then I don't want to hold him back. It's better that he moves when he feels ready than because the new baby arrives and we need the space - I don't want him to feel pushed out!
My lovely Mum did an amazing job this week tracking down the materials that I needed for our science next year. She e-mailed saying she was going into town and did I need anything, so I e-mailed the list back to her thinking that she'd keep an eye out for things whilst she was out and pick up a few bits towards it for me. Instead she treated it as a challenge and sourced everything on the list that she could and tracked down Internet deals for the rest!

I am working on typing up the lists and plans that I need, I have a few more books to order and then it is finished up and will be ready to go. I am also working on saying 'no' to things that are just one step too far for me and will stress me out and cause anxiety - I am rereading the hypnobirthing book and remembering how important a positive mindset is in staying relaxed! Whilst finishing up my planning I have happened upon  lots of great ideas but am being really good and merely noting them down and pushing them to the back of the pile for A.N.Other time instead of following up all the interesting bunny trails I come across!

After a few weeks of negative comments from strangers about home education and expecting a fourth child, I have had several really complimentary remarks instead this week which has been really lovely and boosted my peace of mind again!! I am feeling really confident and comfortable with what I have sorted and planned and with the progress that the girls are making. I have a few posts lined up over the next few weeks covering all that when I have completed my priorities and have additional time to write once again!

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