Thursday, 21 January 2010

Australia Day

I only heard about Australia day from the Childminding help forum a week or so ago and thought that it sounded fun and I found so many great ideas that I'm 'doing' Australia for the whole week!  here is what I have planned:
  • Aboriginal Dot Art, I have got packets of stickers from Wilko's and have cut squares of baking parchment to make them on.... this will be a new skill with the little ones, and an old favourite for the older ones!
  • Petroglyphs, but instead of spraying water then sprinkling powder paint, I'm putting liquid paint in a little spraybottle, I'm doing them onto sheets of fine sandpaper to look like cave walls!
  • Didgeridoos from loo rolls taped together instead of the long tubes.
  • Australian map collage with cut outs to glue on of things like koala, kangaroo, people etc.
  • As usual we will put together a memory book of the week's fun for the children to enjoy talking about, we will use some colouring pages to make a map and flag for the book.
  • Cook Damper Dogs and fruit kabobs to eat.
  • Australia - A True Book
  • An Australian abc of animals, this is such a lovely book with the animals painted in aboriginal style.
I'm really looking forwards to some fun next week.... I've planned it on a spider gram showing the links to all areas of the EYFS as these activities extend things that we have explored recently and introduce some new skills too. We keep our memory books in continent draws.... Ill post about hose another time!!!

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  1. Hi, great ideas for Australia day, can't wait to try them out. Links great too, thanks.