Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I have been really lazy recently and ended up using the car more and more and more until two weeks ago when I decided to reverse the trend!!!  I have invested in a third hand but oh so rock solid off-road triple buggy called a Pedigree Easylife Sport.  I think I'm in love..... I never thought I could feel this way about a buggy!!!! I feel like I have made it in the childminding world!

We have walked to school for the last two weeks and i have notcied the following benefits:
  • My back is better.... I had hurt it by lifting and twisting to strap heavy toddlers in and out of the car seats.
  • I have lost weight!
  • The children are more settled, it is a nice start to the day with a community feel as we wave to the lollipop people and call into the local shop for dessicated cocnut, milk, bread, lentils, sandpaper, whatever we need for the days activities or lunch. 
This has made me think again about manula handling training... as childminders we lift heavy things many times in a day, whether it is a child, a pushchair, a high chair, or a box of toys from a high shelf.... they are often awkward shapes and wriggle around putting our backs at risk.  This is the best information that I can find on the web to have a read through, but it is hardly adequate really.... I would recommend having a look at what you do and how you organise your heavy lifting or bending over to do nappy changes for instance and try to make changes that will protect you a little more!

I had my Change-4-life newsletter today through e-mail and it has a link to the 'lets all walk to school'campaign pages by Living Streets.  They have posters that you can order through an e-mail address to put up to make your parents aware that you are encouraging walking to school!  there is plenty more information on the site too.

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