Monday, 21 March 2011

Adding the Suffix 'ing'

Knowing how Eve responds better to hands-on activities than purely paper based ones, I made this activity for her to practice reading 'ing' as a suffix and adding it onto phonetic words that she can read already. I have been introducing new sounds as we come across them in the read write inc books that we have been reading, fairly systematically but I've got some other reading books for Eve and 'ing' endings are in a few pages time so I thought I'd prepare her to come across them!

I wrote root words on paint sample strips and cut them out, then used the pegs vertically if an additional consonant was needed, and horizontally for the 'ing'. You can see it set up below..... I had Eve look through the box and set up the components as she wanted, and asked her what she thought was on them.
Halfway through she said "thanks mum, this is great!"....... result!!!
There is a similar concept involved for the suffixes 'y' and 'ed' as well and I've got more pegs ready for those!!


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  2. I love this! This is a really creative. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great idea. I think my 12-yr-old could do with this... :)