Sunday, 27 March 2011

Revamping the Book Cart

I love this book cart as it displays the books with their covers facing out which helps the children to choose what they want and find their favourite books, however it hasn't been very well used recently. I read an article in Nursery World Magazine last week about making book corners more inviting and decided to give mine a good clear out!

I didn't take a 'before' picture but this is the 'after' one! the little ones that I child mind are really into numbers and letters at the minute so I focused on those areas. The middle shelf holds counting and shape books and the bottom shelf holds literacy books. Yes yes I know..... all books are literacy but I picked, abc books, ones that focus on noises or rhyming words and the hungry caterpillar as I've made a story sequencing pack to go with it.

Added to that shelf are the Montessori sandpaper letters that I made, and a couple of games that I've made recently to focus on particular areas of language that the little ones are enjoying playing with. I will post on those as we use them. I have to admit that my 'amazon click finger' was twitching this afternoon to buy some more lovely number and abc books but I resisted!!! We are going to a new library club this week and we can look for some books altogether there!

The top shelf is for the current topic or interests of the children. I've put out books on bird nests for now as I'm going to try a new 'circle time' idea tomorrow and see how we can link it to the children's current interests and needs and get them using the book cart  a bit more.... watch this space!

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