Saturday, 23 April 2011

Dandelion Readers

I have already posted about the ReadWrite Inc series of progressive phonic readers that I am using to help Eve learn to read. Recently I discovered a really fantastic series to go alongside called Dandelion Readers. I bought set 2 of the 'readers' starting with the book 'Chips For Lunch'.

The website is very clearly set out so you can see what digraph sounds are in each book.  They are a joy to read with cleverly written and engaging stories that contain lots of repetition of the example sound such as 'ch' or 'ing' or 'ed' endings. The illustrations are a mixture of cartoon type characters on photographic backgrounds. I wasn't sure that I would like them but Eve studies the pictures very closely and really likes them. 

There are two sets to provide extra practice with each digraph - I only have set 2 at the moment. The only thing that annoys me about them is the tendency for the stories to use 'says' instead of 'said' after speech marks..... just my personal preference! I will definitely be getting the next set soon though, ready for launching into vowel digraphs!

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