Thursday, 21 April 2011

A Shower of High-Frequency Words

Eve has a really secure grasp of phonics, and now needs to learn some more high-frequency or 'sight words' to help her reading become more flowing. She resists any activity that hints at being tested or puts pressure on her to come up with the 'right answer' so traditional flash cards are out of the question!! I have been pondering the subject for a while and then this idea popped into my head from nowhere..... as they do!

I made a list of the sight words that Eve needs to know for the set of readers that we are working with and printed them out on clouds at sparklebox. I sewed a raindrop from some blue fabric and filled it with dried lentils to make it heavy, then painted a rainbow on some card.

Eve threw the raindrop to land on a word cloud then if she read the word easily she put it on the rainbow and got a smartie to eat, if she needed help then she put it back with the other clouds. I got Eve to choose the words, and to choose a few other aspects like where we did it etc. She wasn't overly keen still but it's a start!!

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