Friday, 10 June 2011

Pipe Cleaner Sight Words!

These are pictures of this week's multi-sensory way to learn sight words. The new words introduced this week have been 'how' and 'can' as we are following the order in '100 sight word mini books'. Eve really enjoyed choosing pipe cleaners and it made her really think about the letter shapes as she now had to make them out of bendy wire instead of writing them. The idea came from 'Success with Sight Words' From top to bottom we have 'how', 'you', 'with' and two thirds of 'can'! We played with them for a while and played around with mnemonic ways to help Eve remember 'how'. She had chosen tiger striped pipe cleaners to make it from so I asked her what she'd say if a tiger bit her..... "ow" she said straight away and then when I asked what it began with she said 'h' 'ow'..... 'how'. It was much more fun to remember them this way and she had a big smile all the way through!

We fetched them out the next day to play with and Eve very easily remembered the words, including 'how' after a small prompt about tiger bites! It was fascinating to watch her arrange the letters into the correct order.... spelling them as well as recognising them! Such a result compared to six weeks ago!

I am linking this to 'word play', visit 1+1+1=1 to see more word play ideas!

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