Wednesday, 6 July 2011

We Have Discovered Katie Morag!!!!

My Mum and Dad recently went on holiday to the Outer Hebrides in the North of Scotland, and they brought back two of these books for the girls. I can't even describe how wonderful they are. They have the most beautiful illustrations (see below) and use wonderful descriptive language with a few Scottish expressions thrown in also. The stories are based on a real life Island but the name is fictional and describe aspects of Island life. The stories are funny and engaging...... and my girls have fallen in love! I have since bought some more from Amazon and they are the mainstay of bedtime stories at the moment!

My Mum did a lovely activity with Eve, getting her to look at the map in the book and another map that Mum had brought back. Eve then drew her own map of a fictional Island and made a key on the back. She loved this activity and it was a great introduction to mapping. They also made 'porridgies' from the recipe in the book.... delicious..... even though nearly burned due to our crazy cooker super heating as it does randomly sometimes!

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