Friday, 8 July 2011

Baby Number Three

I always do a self-portrait the week before my babes are due and here is one for this time round! I am in my bathroom running a lovely deep bubble bath...... bubbles and the smell of washing powder are my cravings once again.... along with cucumbers and carbonated water. Very strange as I can usually take or leave cucumbers and don't like carbonated water normally either! Still what baby wants baby can have!!

I am writing this with my feet in a warm tub of water infused with ylang ylang, clary sage and lavender oils.... absolute bliss..... a good friend has taken my children out for the afternoon so I am alone..... apart from classic fm and a large stash of vegetable sticks and houmous!!

The oils have been provided by my hypnobirthing midwife..... ah hypnobirthing, for the first time I can honestly say that I am looking forward to giving birth! I have always looked forwards to meeting my babies but dreaded the birth but after one traumatic delivery and one c-section I can't wait. It has been a gift from God to feel this relaxed and positive, even if the birth goes topsy turvy the peace and tranquility in this pregnancy have been blessing enough! I feel empowered to say 'no' and to negotiate the birth that we need and want. My labour basket is packed with essentials to ensure my comfort as well as little bag for baby once I feel babe has had the length of skin to skin contact he/she needs. I am not bowing to pressure to 'hurry up' this time round!

Although babe will be sleeping in with us, I have cleared out and stocked the baby's room, and go there regularly to bury my head in little clothes and blankets and inhale deeply!!! I have so enjoyed getting out Eve and Faith's first clothes and blankets and washing them and putting them ready. The girls have loved it too! My mum has knitted a beautiful vest and cardy ready.... the same design as my gorgeous nephew Sam had when he was born in January! A dear neighbour from my childhood had a bushel of cardigans and hats knitted up by her friend for me.... all in different sizes and designs.... I was so touched! Mum also presented me with a huge bag of frozen home cooked meals for after the birth, they were so welcome!

I prepared all these things weeks ago, when I had loads of energy.... all gone now and my foot bath going cold so I shall sign off...... home schooling has quietened down as well as birthing draws nearer.... we are making the most of teachable moments and snuggling up on the sofa to read rather than planned lessons.... different but just as valuable and suiting Eve really well right now! I will of course post when we've had the baby!


  1. Congratulations! I didn't even realize you were pregnant. You are supermom! Can't wait to see the baby pics. Enjoy and relax. Thank you for sharing.
    Discovering Montessori

  2. My goodness - I had no idea either! I hope all goes well and look forward to the update/s in due course.