Monday, 11 July 2011

Exploring Fractions

We began chatting about fractions the other day when Eve was cooking with me. Her task was to chop each peeled potato into four before popping it in the pan. It provided a great opportunity to explore wholes, halves, quarters and eighths. I was pleasantly surprised (as I often am) about how competent Eve was with fractions after not having 'done' any for a while. We talked through the numerator and the denominator and how we know which number to put where. She wrote them out on some scrap paper from the recycle bag as we went! We touched on equivalents as well a little.

This morning I pulled out these fractions cards that I printed and laminated ages ago and Eve played around with them with her Dad, matching equivalents and putting the correct written fraction with the correct image. My only criticism of these cards is that they don't have all the section lines drawn in, for example one third has one third in green then two thirds in white with no dividing line. However, it is nothing a sharpie marker can't fix so not a problem for long!!

I think I will continue the fraction theme this week as Eve seems keen to continue. I have a few more resources ready to use:
I found a few more sites with plenty of resources and worksheets to choose from:
That should keep you all busy!

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