Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sensational Clay

 We went to a fabulous hands-on clay exhibition at a local gallery today. All of the pieces were free to be handled and they covered the senses.... visual, textual, scented, auditory (none to taste but it was a public exhibition!!!) I love ceramics and this was so special as normally children are told 'don't touch' and it is all pots/bowls/plates/mugs/vases. I've never done such a photo heavy post before but really these don't even do it justice! Just feast your eyes.....

This sand was slightly damp and the wonderful shapes made prints in the sand.

The shapes were contained in this wonderful organically shaped pit made from red clay.

All these shapes were hollow and contained items to give them each a different sound.

This display of pizza-like creations was a glory of glazed and unglazed shapes, twists, blobs and more..... I took close ups of some of our favourites.

This was another set of shapes in a different sand pit..... I loved that they were just shapes for enjoying shape's sake and not 'functional'. We will definatley go back and I have some ideas to try at home too! This was perfect timing as we have been exploring clay recently (haven't posted those pics yet!).

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