Sunday, 23 October 2011

Amulets, Mummies, Pyramids and Tomb-raiding - It must be......

.....yes you're right, it must be more from The Story of The world, our History Curriculum!
We were finishing up the chapters about the Egyptians and as predicted, the idea of mummies and tombs fired their imaginations! We had already made some amulets from coloured oven-bake clay and we wrapped them inside stretchy bandages as we 'mummified' Bob the Builder figures!
The girls then entombed their 'Bob Mummies' in a duplo pyramid and then begged Daddy to be a grave robber and break in to steal the amulets! Cue hysterical giggles from the girls!!

We are really enjoying this curriculum - we read the chapter gathered around the sofa with milk and a snack and it really sets things off nicely to do it this way. Eve is getting much more used to paraphrasing the information she has just heard into a narration. Faith joins in as much or as little as she wants as long as she isn't distracting Eve and that works for us! We don't always do a big activity to go with each chapter as there is map work and a colouring page to go with them so depending what else we have planned I upscale or downscale our weekly investment in History - it's so flexible!

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  1. Ohhhh i love the idea of mummifying your toys and duplo tombs! Well done. I can see us trying this one out!