Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Paper Mache Was So Not Part of my Game Plan for Today!

And it went a little like this:

Daddy: "Girls, shall we make that castle we planned?"
Girls: "Yeah"
Me (thinks): 'Great - some peace for me to strike a couple of things of my to-do list'

It started so well......... THEN I heard:

Daddy: "Right then so now you need to cover it in paper mache"
Daddy: "Honey, you'll watch the kids won't you? I'm going to finish up in the garage"
Me: "No.....no...... really..... PLEASE don't leave me with paper mache, three children and the dog...... I mean it..... no...... honey?"

Well he left and it was a whole lot less painful than last time we attempted it! Faith could do it independently this time and she stuck at it for the whole time. Of course I got stuck in as you do! And it was a lot of fun and then Daddy came back and got stuck in too..... and then we ran a huge bowl of hot soapy water and strip washed the children and scrubbed the floor and spot cleaned the dog!

THEN I sat down for a well-earned hot cuppa........

Then Idris decided that was the perfect time for a mega nappy episode...... sigh!

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