Friday, 12 April 2013

A week of decorating, indoors and out!

We've had a couple of weeks break from our usual Home Ed activities so I started back in fairly gently this week with having the girls read to me, and some maths and phonics with Reading Reflex. Another reason for keeping things minimal was to have time to do some decorating. We have remodelled one of our upstairs bedrooms to accommodate space for two little bedrooms and they need painting and papering and all the sanding, sizing, cleaning and other jobs that go with that! I've spent two hours a day decorating for three days this week and I'm pleased with what I've done. I made my first attempt at hanging patterned wallpaper and it went rather well!! I'm not even halfway through yet but it's moving along at any rate!
We spent a great day in a little coppice attached to a school doing a Forest Fun day with a forest school trained home ed Mum from one of the groups that we go to. The girls made tree spirits from clay, Faith's is above, Eve's below. They used tools to whittle and cut their own bow and arrow, we baked bananas on a campfire, made shelters around the coppice, put together rain forest biomes and did some rain forest tasting. It was the coldest, wettest day of the week unfortunately and I was thoroughly chilled by the time we went home but well worth the fun and adventure that the children had!
The rest of the week, the weather has been much better than of late and the children have been playing out for hours in the garden. It has made me smile as last March when the weather warmed, the children were disappearing for hours when it got to about 16 degrees..... this year, in April, it got to 10 degrees and they were off like greyhounds from the trap, so desperate to be out that 10 degrees and dry felt balmy!! Idris loves to potter out of doors so we spend lots of time outside too. We've finally got some little veg plants out, so space on the window ledge for more now!!
I have continued with my techie goal of 2013, adding 'pin it' buttons to the pictures on the blog, using this tutorial from code it pretty. I have also downloaded the kindle app onto my tablet and purchased a book to read on it to try it out! I had thought about buying a kindle as I read a lot and never seem to have the book that I want with me when I have a few minutes to read. I wanted a back-lit reader though and didn't fancy the option for that at the time (the nook) as I still needed an app on that to read kindle books on it. I need back-lit so I can read in bed without disturbing others who are sleeping or trying to sleep! Trying it out on the tablet is a good solution, I will see how it goes! Hope you all had a good and productive week!

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