Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Nature Box for the Car!

I made this box up to be kept in the car for the Spring and Summer. Last year I found that we would be out and about, find something that really interested the children, or that we wanted to look up the name of, or we would find THE perfect dipping stream and have no nets. By the time we got home, the moment had passed, or the children were so tired that it wasn't the time to delve into the books. So I had the idea of a nature box to be ready and waiting when we wanted it! It contains:

  • nature identification guides for trees, flowers, birds, animals and insects
  • a sketch book and pastels
  • bug boxes with magnified lids
  • pond dipping nets
  • ziploc bags to keep finds in
  • washed out hoummous pots and a packet of tissues to protect finds like birds egg shells, dragonflies,  old wasps nests and so on that we find.
  • A white bottomed tub for putting some stream water in to keep our finds safe whilst we look at them.
I'm looking forwards to using them..... any more suggestions for the box?


  1. Sucha fabulous idea, I must do this, I just bought a bug viewer, and we have a little bug house int he garden, but always miss a momant when out and about, this is fab, will have to get a few nets and some old tubs and a wildlife book or 2. Thank you for the wonderful idea

    1. Thanks! glad it has inspired someone else! Happy nature hunting! Nature detectives do some good free guides for your frugal living instead of buying!! Kind Regards, Jenni