Friday, 3 May 2013

In Which I Realise that I have Overcooked it!

I had planned to focus on myself a little more as my now 27 week pregnant body was telling me I needed to but did I listen? Erm, nope! Last week was a whirl of attending and reading at the thanksgiving service of a dear departed old friend, running two home ed group sessions, one on blind awareness and one on rocks and minerals, tamping out several tonnes of wet concrete with my husband and continuing to decorate the children's rooms.......
The children were fascinated with the process of pumping and tamping concrete!
....... bad move, I felt great at the end of the week but as the adrenaline wore off over the weekend, I began to feel rather rough, physically and emotionally and have had to spend this week healing! I have learned that to heal I must do NOTHING, so the laundry piled up, meals drifted towards to convenience end of the spectrum, e-mails went unread and unanswered and suddenly today I felt much more like my self again! Would it be easier if I learned that doing too much is counterproductive and tends to land me in a heap? Well, yes but sometimes needs must and doing all those things will bring benefits in the end!

I have had dental, optician and midwifery appointments in the last week also so I am looking after me too! The hypnobirthing midwife is just wonderful and was very reassuring - yet another ally in my quest to have an unpestered labour and birthing experience! I have made progress in some of my 2013 goals also, furthering friendships with a fabulous bonding afternoon at the park and continuing to build on the children's homeschooling! I am not particularly enjoying reading a book on the kindle app on my tablet and phone but I do appreciate the fact that it is there ready and waiting for the few precious minutes that I have to read!
I have this delightful scamp of a little boy gambolling around constantly! He loves to help me cook - and clean up after as you can see, but is currently covered in scrapes and bruises from his outdoor exploits. For example today he was determined to learn how to push a scooter around and tried it out on all sorts of surfaces. I then heard him calling for me and when I went to seek him out, I found him standing on top of the guinea-pig cage WITH the scooter looking rather pleased with himself! I have no clue how he got up there!

I have an enticing pile of beautiful and engaging living books gathered to one side of me. I am really looking forwards to getting into them with the girls and sharing them here on the blog. I am hoping to make some time in the coming week to finish writing about how I plan our 'curriculum'. I had hoped to have done so by now but the delay has been productive as I have come across a couple of ideas through blogs and pinterest that will enrich my plans and help them to blend well into daily life! I even found one of the books that had been sitting in my Amazon basket for a few pounds in The Works today, a third of the Amazon price - serendipity!

I will leave it there - as usual with me there is plenty more to say ;-) but I am off to bed with some hypnobirthing relaxation exercises!

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