Saturday, 4 May 2013

Some Simple, Tasty New Menu Ideas!

 I have had the book 'River Cottage Veg' for quite a while but haven't cooked much from it. Last week however, inspired by my husband's sudden dislike of sausages (another story but I blame the horse meat fiasco in the UK recently) I delved back into my cookbooks for some hearty, filling, main meal ideas. Now my husband always claims that he eats EVERYTHING...... but when you get down to the nitty gritty, it is everything bar aubergines, sweetcorn, beetroot, fennel....... you get the picture..... so cooking from veggie recipe books can be walking a fine line!
I first tried out the Spinach, Penne and Cheese Spouffle, a take on souffle but with pasta added to give it some oomph. I was so thrilled that it turned out just like the photo in the book that I took a picture before serving it!! In my experience there aren't many recipe books around where this happens! It was a thumping success and has been added to the favourites list!! This would be a great meal for baby led weaning I think too! I looked to see if the recipe had been published online but it hasn't and I don't feel comfortable copying it out of the book - you will just have to buy it!!
The second recipe I tried was for stuffed chillies, although I adapted it to use peppers as I wanted to make it as a main meal and I didn't think the children would enjoy chillies, nor did I really want to traipse round several supermarkets looking for the right chillies! Again I was really happy with the end result, and the filling made with beans was a really nice change - I have always made stuffed peppers with a rice filling before now  but think I like the bean filing more. I found the recipe published here for your enjoyment!

I'm looking forwards to trying more recipes from the book - it is always encouraging when the first two that you try are delicious, easy, successful AND popular with the rest of the family!!

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