Saturday, 2 October 2010

Busy Hands

This came about as we were snuggled up reading a book about going to school (slightly bizarre as we home-educate but never mind!!).  One of the activities that the teacher does with the children is make mini clothes lines.  The girls asked if we could do that so we did!! It filled a busy half an hour of sketching, cutting and pegging and used up some of the tiny craft pegs that I bought in a jumbo pack years ago!!  The girls were so thrilled that we had done it together and it reminded me how special it is sitting and 'doing' with them and that I probably haven't been 'doing' enough lately. As they get older and more competent I am far too inclined to set something up and leave them to get on with it instead of sit down and enjoy the chatter and the fun! A timely reminder I think!

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