Sunday, 3 October 2010

Homemade produce

I have always wanted to be the kind of woman/wife/mummy that makes homemade goodies from seasonal produce.  For years I have put by jars and bottles for 'when I make jam' or for 'when we make wine'.  Well this was the year that we made them!! The picture is of my husband siphoning off his first attempt at wine-making into a clean demi-john before decanting into a motley selection of bottles!!  It is made from red grapes that were grown by the Grandfather of one of the children that I care for during the week.  To our surprise it is rose rather than red and tastes very light and refreshing with just enough of a kick to know that it fermented a little first!  It has been very exciting to take a step into the dark and enjoy the process together, made especially sweet by using my late Granddad's demi-johns (that he always called 'winchesters' by the way). Granddad was a very keen wine-maker but production had halted before I was old enough to enjoy it!

I have also been busy in the kitchen making:
  • Green tomato and apple chutney (needs more spice next time, it's a bit sweet!)
  • Rhubarb and ginger jam (yummy)
  • Ice cream sauce from the damsons left over from making.......
  • Damson gin (Sloe gin is my favourite winter warmer but I couldn't find sloes!)
  • Cake mixes to freeze ready for when we 'need' warm 'just-baked' cake one day!
I am happy with my first season's attempts..... we just need room to store them all now!! I'm looking forwards to sharing the goods with friends and family.  I love to give gifts.  My friend Nat calls me 'the Earth mother' because I bake and make, but I know from reading other blogs that I have a ways to go yet before I can own that title!!

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  1. I've a long way to go before making wine at home, but i am taking small steps like you.