Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Canoeing - My First Try at Organising a Home Ed Event!

We are reading Paddle To the Sea by Holling Clancy Holling as a basis for our geography studies. I thought it would be fun to arrange a canoeing session for our local home ed families.
Our local group is based on the canal and they were so great - they couldn't do enough to help us set it up and were so friendly and welcoming - the children had a wonderful time as you can see from the pictures!
Those that were tall enough went out in a kayak with some verbal instruction from the banks and about eight children whizzing round the water bumping into each other and the side! We knew they were getting the hang of it when they all managed to get out of the way when a canal boat came by!

The younger ones went out in a Canadian canoe with the adults paddling - below Faith is having a great time with her friend as Dewi paddles from the front!

And here they are building up some speed! The club were brilliant - they just let the paddlers work it out by practising and they learned really fast. All the families that came were keen to arrange some more sessions and the club were keen to facilitate that for us so watch this space!

I was nervous this morning that no-one would come but we had a full turnout and I was thrilled it was such a success - it has encouraged me to try again at organising something!

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