Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sharing Our Wealth

I went to the NCT sale today to buy some outfits for Idris in the next sizes up. I love scruffling through the piles of clothes and finding little gems that suit the way I like to dress the children. Even better are that they are quality items for really small prices!

Whilst I was there I picked out some clothes for Buba too. Buba is the one year old son of a Gambian man that my parents befriended whilst on holiday in The Gambia last year. My father sponsors Ebrima by sending him money to boost his meagre income. Recently Ebrima was able to re-roof his house to make it safe and dry for his family using that money. I wondered what we could do to help out too that would mean something to the girls. I very carefully chose a few things that I hope will be suitable for him - two pairs of trousers, two t-shirts, one long sleeved top, one short-sleeved jumper and a light raincoat for rainy season!

The girls made a hand print card and we wrote a letter inside for them. It is all parcelled up and ready to go in the post on Monday - addressed to a car park but my mum assures me that Ebrima will get it!

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