Sunday, 11 September 2011

Junk Modelling Update!

I love this picture! This is a camera that Eve made, inside it even has a section for the batteries, which are removable of course! Eve is still modelling prolifically, and the range and complexity of her creations astounds me. She uses things in ways that I would never think of, for example the computer (see below) made inside a plastic box by writing on paper then fixing it inside. Eve finds solutions for all the problems she encounters and there is nothing she cannot surmount. This gives me great pleasure to observe as she is usually very hard on herself and gets easily frustrated by difficulties. Not so with her modelling and it is priceless! Nowadays when the girls play together, Eve is often disappearing off to the creation station and returning with a car complete with baby seat, or an ice-breaking boat with a viewing platform on the top and cargo deck below, or various dwellings!

Last week our local community arts recycling facility re-opened after the summer break and I went and chose some bits and bobs to add to the creation station. I came back with blocks of blown plastic foam, a bag of fabric, some crinkled cardboard edging, some gold paper and some lids and corks. It re-invigorated Eve's crafting sessions and she made some wonderful things. The most play-worthy of these were a whole host of people made from foam blocks and fabric clothes that the girls played with for five hours without a break except to eat! The tidying up isn't exactly going to plan but at least it isn't in my living room now!!!

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  1. Junk modelling as a fantastic creative outlet for children and it's great to see you offering this to your child! My boys love creating and I end up with the junk model being emptied over the floor and all sorts of things being made! I love to see the things they come up with, like you say, seeing the potential in a piece of junk that i just can't see! Love the laptop by the way! great idea! Do you find you never have enough sellotape in the house? lol