Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Painting With Feet!

This was born out of a lovely idea that I had to make butterflies from foot prints on canvasses- I may put he pics up if they are a success! The children so loved the sensation of paint on their feet, that we extended the activity. I taped a line of white paper along the lounge floor and then the children painted each other's feet before walking or running or jumping along the line.
Eve was very creative about how she painted Faith's feet, making symmetrical patterns....
....... that were wasted on Faith as she jumped around the paper!!
 Hopping, skipping, jumping, running walking - forwards, backwards, sideways - anyway you did it, it made a lovely mess, and not just on the paper (predictably)!!!!!
 Of course, Idris just couldn't resist getting in on the action....... oooh, scrumply paper.....
 Hang on a minute - is that paint on the floor....... really Mum? Really? Oh you fool!
 Thankfully for his taste buds he turned the brush around before seeing how it tasted!
 Clean-up time was just as much fun - look at that tongue stuck out in concentration!!!!

It was such a good fun afternoon - I'm going to print some of the pictures and put them up with the sheets of painty paper in a display and write up what the girls remember about it.

My mindee said it was' tickly and beautiful' - what a quote!!

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