Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Plastic Bag Butterflies

We had a lovely time today making these plastic bag butterflies - I had the idea from here. It provided lots of opportunities for practising scissor skills, talking about the sizes, shapes and colours of the items going into the bags, using some ordinal numbers, counting and discussing the lengths of strings to hang them from!

Eve experimented by making her pipe cleaner antennae into different twisty shapes....
 Faith carefully chose lots of Easter card toppers to go in her butterflies (we raided all the left over bits and bobs from the bottom of the craft box!!
 This is one of Eve's butterflies.....
 We hung them up from the curtain pole with wool, some high, some low......
 Idris really loved looking at them when I held him up to show them to him, and I have to admit, although very simple to make, they are very effective! My little mindee let me hang one up and took one home to her Mum!!

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