Saturday, 29 September 2012

A Harvest Sensory Box

At last! A sensory box that Idris engaged with for a length of time WITHOUT resorting to immediatly throwing the contents out of the box! This box came about very rapidly this afternoon after I'd sat Idris on the counter top next to me whilst I kneaded play dough and he started putting the veg scraps for the guinea pigs in and out of a cup and poking them with a spoon. I put a few pots and pans from the kitchen box in an underbed storage box and added a bag of chunky pasta shells and a range of implements.

Idris played for about half an hour, completely absorbed, murmuring to himself quietly as he transferred the pasta from pot to pot using his hands, stirred them, and tipped them in and out. After a while he climbed in, and, being impressed with his sure footedness (is that a word?) he stepped in and out a few more times just to make sure he could do it without a wobble! Then sat down to tip, transfer, poke and shuffle some more!

Then he got fed up and resorted to his trajectory routine! So I added a bag of mixed beans and an egg box and a ladle and he was once again fascinated and absorbed! It was great to see him so involved in something like this i

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