Sunday, 16 September 2012

Support and Friendship for Childminders

I wanted to post a link here that I have added to the sidebar - I have today left the long-established forum that I have been using for various reasons and as I am enjoying the fledgling forum that has recently been formed, and granted permission to publicise it, here it is:

The Staffroom:

I was saddened by the swift deletion of my account from the other place - I had asked for it to be shut down and been told of the person I had to ask to do it. I hadn't asked that person yet and was halfway through private chats and public posts to say goodbye when I was suddenly locked out. I have been incredibly supportive of the forum since it's takeover,and am sad to have missed the opportunity to exchange contact details with many friends. I know that some of them read my blog and I wish you all well!

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  1. I'm really saddened by that and I think that I also use the same website you mentioned about but have just signed up to the one you have linked above. I've followed your blogs fo about 3 years now and you inspire me each and everytime I see what you are doing. Please don't be disheartened by what has happened x