Saturday, 15 September 2012

Long time no post....

It isn't that I haven't had anything to post about, we've been doing loads of things, I just haven't felt like posting much really!

The revised EYFS has been keeping me busy writing the updates needed, I've taken the chance to completely overhaul my policies and cut out a lot of uneccessary flotsam that isn't needed.

The girls have been keeping me busy. They have wanted and needed some more input from me and we've started our new schedule quite gently, getting into doing certain things every day. We've been fairly autonomous for a while but it was the right time to use some structure again.

Our house purchase has taken a few more twists and turns and I'm still managing to be patient and good humoured with the seller whilst not really agreeing with her take on things! The mortgage offer expires on the 16th October though so if she hasn't organised herself by then then it will all go up in smoke!

Autumn is nipping at out heels here and making me appreciate stolen minutes in a warm sunny spot in my garden all the more. I love Autumn, it really inspires me, although I can't decide if I love sunshine and warmth more than Autumn.....

The girls are bonding over a shared game on the patio - it's bedtime but I'm letting it run as Faith spent 24 hours in hospital having neuro obs on Thursday after a big fall. She was confused afterwards so they wanted to play it safe. It would be the day when I was in an unfamiliar city with my car in the garage and my mobile broken..... good friends helped out though and we got through it, albeit very tired afterwards! Eve was distraught about leaving Faith there but when she came home was oddly distant with her...... hence why I'm leaving them to enjoy their game as they need it!

Bad luck continued with the death of a goldfish and an embarrassing incident in a supermarket where my card was declined, I whizzed off to get cash from the machine only to come back and find they'd put all my shopping back on the shelves - I was mortified.... and hungry! I'd eeked out our food until Saturday so I could swap our food shopping day to Saturday from Thursday to fill some time whilst Faith does gymnastics. We literally had nothing to eat left..... and while I stared at the manager in distress, I became very aware that my hair could do with a wash, and there were stains on my t-shirt (the kind that are standard practice with a 13 month old clamped to your hip)..... oh yes and that my darling baby boy had eaten half a punnet of blueberries on the way round the shop (he was most pleased with himself as he'd opened it by himself!!!) and we hadn't paid for them.

Not a great day really.... rounded off by said darling boy biting me at his bedtime feed - someone should really tell him that he shouldn't bite the boob that feeds him.....

I'm starting to see the funny side of my week now that I'm wrapped in a fluffy dressing gown with freshly washed hair and my dirty t-shirt on the wash pile!!! Early bed for me as another action packed day awaits with swimming church and guess what? Yep! FOOD SHOPPING to do!!!!! I will try to get back to some posting this coming week!

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