Wednesday, 31 October 2012

An Impromptu Pumpkin Carving Session!

 These were the spooky results of our impromptu pumpkin carving session last week - courtesy of the fab offer that a certain supermarket had on! Dewi went all technical and made a spider on a web....
 I made an owl sitting on a branch with a cloud floating atmospherically past, although on reflection, it looks far more like a cat sitting on a branch, and by the time I took the pictures, it had flopped over backwards and was being propped up by an apple twig through the beak - painful!
 This is Eve's - she went to town with haunted houses, ghosts, bats etc etc - there wasn't a lot of pumpkin left really afterwards!!!!
 Faith did a special on witches hats - all carved free hand and a very impressive selection I thought!
 There were a few classic pumpkin faces just for good measure......
And they looked great all glowing away together in the gloom outside!
 This was the scene mid-carving........
 Faith wielding the pumpkin carving mini-saw like a seasoned pro!
 Eve realised that she needed a larger opening to get her pumpkin innards out of!
 Dewi being all technical about the process........
And guess who wanted a piece of the action - he was desperate to get his hands on a pumpkin saw but had to settle for a scooper instead!!

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