Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday's Favourites!

This week I have learned how special it is to feel well and have vowed to appreciate it more when I am better!  One thing I have really noticed is how quickly the the general tidiness of my home slips when I am unwell and it drives me crackers...... I really need to devise some systems for dealing with clutter better so that it doesn't get like that when I am laid low!

My children have learned how to use my camera and they pinch it occasionally when I'm not looking.  When I upload the pictures there are these really funny child's-eye view of the world shots and they make me smile!  The best bit is that some of them are actually quite good, although not of very original subject matter they are centred and framed well..... they hold a lot of promise I think!!  As I loaded them up to choose which pictures I wanted to keep for the learning journals, I was thinking how daft of me to miss taking  a picture of the little one with the Makka Pakka toy she has brought every day this week; low and behold, one of the girls had taken one of her on my behalf!!!!!! I wonder if I could get them to write my observations too??  There are of course some pics just of their feet, but that's cool too!!

So my favourite posts from around the web this week:
  • These pencil holders, some of you may not be comfortable letting the children use the drill but they could mark out where they want the holes to go and you could drill them, then the children could decorate them..... painting the correct colour for each pencil round the hole is lovely as the children will know which pencil goes where and will also know which one to look for!!
  • I have recently discovered a new blog all about science with young children and love this post about science in the playground, you don't have to go through all the technical information with young children but it is good to know yourself why and how things happen.  for young children, you can just set up the learning experience with a basket of things to put down the slide for example!
Have a great weekend, Jenni xx


  1. Thanks so much for visiting! I have budding photographers too, it's amazing what they can do with a digital camera. A tripod is really good if you have one, it protects the camera a bit and makes it easier for them to point at what they want to.

  2. That's a great tip Deb.... I know you can get table top ones that would make the camera very portable and make for some interesting angles too!