Friday, 18 June 2010

Now That's What I Call a Sandpit!

We have been 'planning' to do this for ages but it didn't really get off the ground until this week!!  The first picture is one of our raised vegetable patches that has had most of the soil removed and then been used as a dumping ground for roots and branches as they were dug up.  I should point out that this is in the 'supervised only' end of my garden, that is gated off from the 'free-flow' end!!
The story begins on Monday...... knowing that I had a not very nice headache that was here to stay, I sent my husband out to buy a bag of play sand as I'd thrown out the last lot after it was used in potion making and went green and manky!  To cut a long story short, there were no bags of play sand to be had, so he ordered 1.6 tonnes of it to be delivered..... yes, really.... 1.6 TONNES!!!!!!  Cue him having to sort out the designated sandpit and line it before hand!!
This is the sand arriving, not on a grab truck to be neatly dropped over the garden fence as we had expected, but in a lorry on a hopelessly inadequate pallet truck that dug into my drive and pulled the tarmac up!!  The children were highly entertained by the process of bucketing the sand through the house and down our long garden to the sand pit, my husband less so!!
And here is the finished product, 8' by 6' of beachy heaven!!  The children were hardly out of it all afternoon..... it is big enough to roll around in and do sand angels in.... wonderful!!  The children have only played at surface level so far, they haven't worked out that it is nearly 1' deep and they can dig big holes.... I'll save that joy for next week!


  1. Wicked Fun Jen!

  2. Little Explorers19 June 2010 at 19:00

    Hi Jen,
    Loving the sandpit! How do you keep pesky cats out of it? The builders have started work on the garage conversion now, so will keep you posted. So Exciting!!!
    Sorry to hear you were under the weather, hope alls well now. Hayley.

  3. Hi Hayley, exciting news about the builders!! We have a huge blue tarpaulin that covers the sand when not in use to keep the neighbourhood cats away!