Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Battling Demons with Junk Models!

I looked after some school aged children last summer and I found it really hard to keep them occupied.  I used to dread the days that I had them because it required mountains of preparation and they just swished through all the activities in minutes and by the end of the day I was so tired I could have cried!!  It really put me off having school children in the holidays but when I was asked to have a little girl that I have had for a few weeks before I couldn't say no so here I am battling my school holiday demons!

I have to say..... day one has been a breeze!!!  She arrived this morning ans settled in as if she'd never been away for nine months!! I had planned to spend most of the week out and about but the heavy and persistent rain thought otherwise so we settled down for a good old junk modelling session and it was great fun!  I was amazed by how adept a three year old was at this.  I thought that making a figure out of boxes ans such was quite an abstract idea to grasp but the little one had it pegged straight away and had set up the boxes you see in the picture immediately, then asked for help to stick them together! She then set about hunting for eyes and a nose.... I was amazed!  We all got thoroughly filthy covering them in paper mache after that but well worth it for a busy morning buzzing with happy activity! My garage is full of drippy models drying out ready to be painted now!!

The weather man promises sunshine tomorrow so off to the park for a picnic I hope!

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