Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A Bit of a Gap!

I am shocked to realise that I haven't posted for two weeks!  Why? Nothing especially exciting really, just trying to get on top of a few things with the childminding and it's not particularly interesting to post about as no lovely pictures to put up!!  I would love to write about it but I need to get to grips with putting my documents in PDF format first as it's a bit hard to describe some of them and would be easier to show them to you!  I've carried on working on the garden and will put up a few things this week.  Oh yes and I've just handed in my final assignment for the Montessori Early Years teaching certificate that I am doing.  It has been a long hard slog over the last 18 months with 15 assignments in all and I am sooooo glad that they are finished..... just another 340 hours of teaching practice and two 3 hour written exams to go!!  I'm going to keep this short and upload my photos now which will jog my memory about the wonderful things that we have enjoyed that I can share with you!

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