Friday, 23 July 2010

Friday's Favourite's!

This is my favourite picture this week..... my girls making a 'king bed' as they called it.  It harks back to visiting Chirk Castle and my eldest being fascinated with the idea of curtains around a four poster bed to keep the draughts out in a cold Winter castle.  This is their version made using the trampoline, some den making cloths and a fair amount of pegs!

This week has been the first time that I have used my overnight registration to child mind..... I had one of my little ones all week from Monday morning until Friday morning and she was such a treasure to have.  She knows us well as I've cared for her since she was four months old, but she just slotted in as if she was a member of the family.... so lovely..... although I think her mum was jealous that she slept twelve hours through every night for me!

My favourite picks from the week's blog roll are:
  • Scroll down this post a little way to find out how to make ice treasure to dig for!
  • I'm liking this idea of doing a themed art week for the children I will be looking after over the holidays..... I'd really like to take them to the beach for a natural day out too!
  • Making dream catchers would be a perfect end to a day hunting for the twigs in the woods.
I'm also mulling over ideas on kick-starting some new role-play scenarios such as a visit to the cafe for mid-morning beans on toast with a salt-dough food making session and then tweaking our role-play resources to make a cafe, and a visit to the vets with some toy animals in tow!

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  1. My children love making little forts all over the house just like this. I loved reading Maria Montessori's books, they are wonderful.