Friday, 30 July 2010

Looking After Number One

My Mum will snigger as she reads the title of this post as I am notoriously bad at looking after number one!  A number of things have happened this year that have gently pushed me to reassess my position on it however.  They are:
  • Having had a ridiculous number of unpleasant and long-lasting viruses to contend with over the last six months.
  • Going to a session on stress management run by my friend Emma, being honest in the survey and finding that my levels of stress are practically off the scale.
  • And standing on the scales at my Mum's house this morning and seeing with resignation that I am almost a stone overweight..... I knew I was but it's never nice to have it confirmed!
The problem is that I don't feel particularly motivated to change anything right now...... I like chocolate and haribos and I have any number of obliging friends that tell me I look great and there's no way I need to lose weight..... but I do, and I need to get fit...... because I will then have less back ache therefore sleep better,  then have more energy, feel better about myself and feel less of a need to overeat!! 

Last Sunday I took the first step by buying myself running shoes and 'anti-wobble' sports trousers and bra..... then folded them neatly in my wardrobe and closed the door!!  Tonight at 9pm the urge came over me to run..... and I did.  I was expecting to return home in a state of near collapse, ready to be sick and crippled with a stitch but to my delight it flowed as easily as it used to as a teenager.  Despite my husband's parting shot being to wish the dog good luck even my pathetic excuse for a pelvic floor held out and I found my pace.  I ran a longer route than I planned to and then found my stride lengthening automatically to kick for home.  It felt good, really good and NOW I feel motivated to look after number one!

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  1. As my teeth have been deteriorating (could it be six pregnancies and over 12 years of nursing?) I have finally come to the conclusion that I need to spend a little $ and care of myself to stop this - because if my teeth are week, my bones may be as well. We must care for ourselves so we can care for our blessings.
    Best wishes on the jogging!