Saturday, 3 December 2011

Making a Meal Out of Mealtimes!

As part of our drive to bring some more rhythm and harmony to our days, the girls and I made some place mats to make mealtimes seem a little more of an event and a little more special. Now I must stress that I am no seamstress and although I cherish my Nana's beautiful Pfaff sewing machine very much, I am more than a little scared of it! This project, as per most of my sewing projects involved no pattern and the completed items definitely have a 'rustic' feel about them!

I cut the pieces of fabric around the shape of my chopping board, then put them together right side outwards and folded, ironed and pinned the seams. We made them out of a light cotton but I suppose that any fabric would do the job as well! We then simply sewed a seam down each side and finished them off. The bowls that you can see in the pictures are new breakfast bowls. I took the girls to choose a bowl each for their morning porridge. Eve chose the glass dish and Faith picked out an oversize teacup and saucer for hers!
I would like to thank the Pfaff technical helpline (AKA my mum!) for the support during the two telephone calls that I made - once to find out how to wind thread onto the bobbin and once to find out how to change the tension on the thread. After half an hour of struggling with screwed up fabric I realised that little fingers had been twiddling with the settings whilst my back was turned. Although the owner of said little fingers wouldn't admit liability I kept a close eye after that!

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  1. thay look lovely! well done. i need to get braver with my sewing machine! I have grand ideas but no idea what i'm doing lol