Friday, 16 December 2011

Winter Activities

We played with snowy play dough using the recipe from nurture store. This dough looks like it hasn't worked when you cook it up as it doesn't form together like regular play dough. Be patient though and as it cools it will form - it is really smooth and lovely after kneading and I will definitely try it again although not sure how long it keeps as we used it to make ornaments a few days later and baked it!!!

We froze tiny animals in layers of blue and white ice then rescued them with hot water, salt, spoons and some patience! Faith spent ages doing this and it was interesting listening to her count the number that had emerged then estimate how many were still to be discovered. Even more interesting was listening to her revise that estimate based on the progress of the melting! She wasn't far out on her original estimate to be honest!

The girls enjoyed making snowmen with Starfall and animated snowflakes at the snowflake factory. They also enjoyed some Christmas dot-to-dots which proved way too simple so we moved onto these!

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