Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Creative Christmas Presents!

This is a sneaky preview of a couple of the gifts that Eve and Faith have made this year! Eve is really creative and is always making something imaginative and to this end I re-styled the 'creation station' indoors for the Winter months. As before, it marries up Eve's need for access to 'stuff' to create with and my need for my home not to look like a shoe-makers offcuts bin! There are different things out indoors to match up with new interests, some re-discovered items and the fact that it is indoors now! I will take some pictures and get it up here to show you!

Anyhow, back to the post in hand! Eve was busily sewing away and Faith wanted in on the present giving feeling so she gathered some pretty items and some fabric and thread and packaged it all up to give to Auntie Anne so she could craft with it. I suggested as gently and tactfully as I could that maybe Auntie Anne didn't do much crafting and perhaps instead we could make something ready for her out of all the lovely things that she had chosen! I said that then I thought Auntie Anne would really treasure something that she had made. It was really fun to lay all the bits out (fabric, ribbon, a red rose, embroidery floss, stretchy thread and bells) and come up with the plan of a fabric Christmas tree with the bells as baubles, the stretchy thread and embroidery thread as tinsel and the red rose as the fairy at the top with a ribbon hanging loop. It was fairly simple for Faith to sew and looked really effective! It is now repackaged and under the tree ready for Auntie Anne!
Meanwhile Eve was busily sewing away a stocking for Idris. She cut the perfect wide shape and knew just how to sew it back to back and then turn it through before adding the little snowflakes! She's quite the little seamstress and I love watching her sew with my Nana's embroidery needles - my Nana made some really beautiful cross stitches and would have been thrilled that Eve is becoming a chip off the old block! Eve is apparently asking Santa for a sewing box for Christmas so watch this space for more 'needlework by Eve'!!

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