Sunday, 12 August 2012

A Metal and Shiny Objects Treasure Basket!

I asked my Mum to keep her eye out for metal and shiny bits and bobs for a new treasure basket for Idris.... and THIS is what she came back with.... the most amazing, super-inventive collection all ready in a basket! She collected metals of different types and colours, as well as metallic items and it is so well put together....

It contains:
  • A pile of disposable metal pie tins
  • A solid non-stick black coated pie tin
  • A couple of small coloured tins that open in different ways
  • A mesh desk-tidy pen holder
  • A red metal bucket
  • A set of metal bangles
  • A set of spanners in different sizes
  • A ring of interesting keys
  • A plug stopper
  • A brass decorative kettle
  • A balloon whisk
  • A tea strainer
  • A metallic bouncy cat toy
  • A spiral metal egg cup
  • A spiral toast rack.....
  • .....with gold and silver metallic coated scouring pads slotted into it
  • A metal drinks tin with a money slot in the top.....
  • ..... and a packet of oversized metal paperclips just PERFECT to post into the slot (see Iddy below - he is really into posting things this last few weeks and sat down immediatly to post clips into the tin!!)
  • Two blank CDs
  • A mirrored coaster

I love this treasure basket and it has already provided hours of entertainment for Idris - treasure baskets are so easy to put together and you can add to them over time. Mum thinks all the things for this (some found, some bought) came to about £20 which is much less than commercially available ones.... go on, give it a go - it's what carboots, pound shops and the like were invented for!!!!

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