Sunday, 12 August 2012

An Olympic Muffin Tin Dinner!

I hadn't made the girls a muffin tin dinner for a long time and thought the closing ceremony of the Olympics was a perfect opportunity to surprise them with one! I racked my brains for what to do and decided to represent some of the sports that the girls enjoyed watching and learning about, as well as some of the classic Olympic symbols. I always balance savoury with sweet and try to include all the food groups and we always have jelly in our MTD's, it's a tradition! So we had:
  • An Olympic torch made from a tortilla twisted up with yellow peppers and carrot slices as the flames
  • Beach volleyball - couscous sand with a team GB flag left over from the Jubilee celebrations!
  • Gold medals - cheddar discs cut with a cookie cutter and a ham number added
  • Olympic ring fruit salad with black berries, blueberries,  red peach,  yellow banana and green apple
  • Rythmic gymnastics ribbon baton - Strawberry fruit roll-ups coiled just so with a cocktail stick as the baton
  • Diving - lemon and lime sugarfree jelly dyed blue with gel food colouring, and with a toy person (cleaned with boiling water first) embedded upside down as if they had just dived in. I managed this by putting half the jelly in and allowing it to almost set then suspending the person upside down with a pipe cleaner twisted around their legs and hooked over the edges of the cup with their head resting on the already set jelly. I finished it off with a tiny blob of plain yoghurt as a 'splash' - in a GB cup of course!
Our previouse MTD's were St Patrick's Day and St. George's Day.


  1. Wow! You tied in so many Olympic themes!

  2. So cute! Love the torch wrap :)